Corporate Guidance Team

A select group of individuals with vast expertise from
concept validation to successful commercialization

Commercialization Experts are proven executives who have led life science ventures and understand the challenges of startups and early-stage growth.

They provide critical expertise and guidance to enable our portfolio companies to
aggressively navigate to commercialization, acting as an integral resource for the
company’s leadership team.

Glenn Gershon

Glenn Gershon is a life science industry veteran who focused his career primarily on in vitro diagnostic reagents and instrument systems development and support. He has held executive positions in product development, operations quality systems, and regulatory affairs with both global IVD manufacturers (Abbott, Chiron, Bayer) and esoteric healthcare laboratories (Athena Diagnostics, Cleveland Heartlab, Interpace Diagnostics).

John Glicksman

Attorney John Glicksman has specialized in working, both in legal and in business roles, with technology companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 entities, providing critical guidance during all stages of their life cycles. In addition he has raised capital and deployed investment to dozens of companies while serving as Fund Director for an early-stage venture fund.

Michele Migliuolo

Michele Migliuolo, an investor, advisor, coach and mentor to multiple startups, has co-founded five technology companies in Pittsburgh. He has decades of experience as an executive in manufacturing and sales of scientific capital equipment and analytical instruments, bridging technologies from the physical sciences to the life sciences.

Laura Ohlund

Laura Ohlund is a business strategy expert with extensive board leadership experience ranging from life science start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions and non-profits across the US, Europe, and Africa. Originating with a background in artificial intelligence, she employs a design thinking approach to solving problems.

Glenn Watson

Glenn Watson is an investment banker with expert-level experience in capital markets and business advising. He has enjoyed a long career with roles at Morgan Stanley, ABN-AMRO, and Raymond James, where he originated and executed 250+ capital market transactions totaling $3B+. His focus at LifeX is capital formation and executive leadership development.

Domain Experts are recognized leaders who provide specialized knowledge to achieve specific objectives within the commercialization strategy.

We draw upon an extended network of professionals to bridge critical gaps in
our portfolio companies.

Philip Brooks

Business Strategy & Grant Writing


Keith Callenberg

Machine Learning & Health IT


Susan Catalano


mark collins

Mark Collins

Informatics & AI


Paulette Duderstadt

Strategic Marketing


Sara Fanks

Human Resources


Syd Finkelstein

Diagnostic Analytics


Gina Fleitman

Marketing Communications


Paul Haber

Health IT


Jan Kerr

Medical Product Sales


Michael Nilo

Regulatory Strategy


Debra Parrish

Healthcare Reimbursement Attorney


Olga Pogoda

Marketing, Crowdfunding, Grants


Jessica Rose

Startup Operations


Dan Seitam

Business Strategy & Finance


Jason Somma

IP & Business Strategy


Brian Sullivan

Medical Product Development


Matt Sundermann

Clinical & Preclinical Device Strategy


Jennifer Sydeski

AI & Molecular Diagnostics


Carlos Tribino

Marketing Strategy & Branding


Brian Vardzel

Manufacturing & Automation


Alethea Wieland

Regulatory Strategy & Clinical Trials


Darrell Williams

Startup Consultant & Investor


Russell Wyborski



Nicki Zevola Benvenuti

Digital Marketing & Sales

If you are a professional who would like to contribute a few hours assisting
exciting life science startups, we would like to hear from you.

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