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2022 Cohort

Aneurysm Prognosis Classifier

Aneurysm prognosis classifier (APC) is a software as a medical device that aids vascular surgeons in making better-informed decisions for patients that present abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA)

Astria Biosciences

A whole blood-based diagnostic test that can detect cerebral aneurysm formation, risk stratification, and risk of rupture at a lower cost and non-invasively compared to traditional imaging.

Djit Medtech

Developing a new approach to relieve pain and preserve motion for advanced hand arthritis patients.


E-Carebetics combines a mobile app with a deep learning model and 3D printed ophthalmoscopy to provide a more efficient and economical diagnostic solution for diabetic retinopathy (DR) in developing countries.


GenexGen focuses on developing next generation mRNA based tolerogenic platforms that modulate the immune response against gene therapy vehicles, autoimmunity, organ transplantation and beyond.

Illuminate Therapeutics

Illuminate has developed a drug delivery system that uses light to target any therapeutic to a disease area in the body. They are investigating which drug or disease area this technology could be most readily translatable to in a clinical setting, and an initial beachhead market appears to be non-invasive blood clot destruction for strokes.


Our first product is tackling maternal hemorrhage – excessive bleeding of mothers – that can happen during labor and delivery and is a leading cause of maternal mortality and morbidity.


PharmChain makes pharmaceutical supply chain decision support software to help hospitals reduce their pharmaceutical cost of goods, maximize their revenue, and optimize pharmaceutical contracts.


Re-Solution is developing an automatic, portable, self-cleaning contact case that performs the steps of proper lens care to eliminate common causes of eye irritation and infection.

A machine learning notification tool that provides neurophysiologists with a reliable method to diagnose intraoperative stroke, which results in timely interventions during cardiac surgery.

2021 Cohort


Acuity Dx has developed the ability to discern non-responders to neoadjuvant therapy in urinary bladder cancer. Approx 30% of patients do not respond. Adoption of our platform will alleviate two to three months of painful side effects and save the HCS millions of dollars each year.

Advanced Optronics

Advanced Optronics is focused on intraoperative sensors to increase safety, reliability, and outcomes for surgery – initially focused on improving hearing. Our first product is a novel, microelectromechanical system (MEMS) sensor and attachment technique for cochlear implants (CIs).


Biocarpet is a flexible and fully biodegradable endovascular device that will provide unparalleled treatment of peripheral arterial disease in small arteries and across joints. Our unique approach minimizes vascular wall stress in complex anatomies thus reducing vascular smooth muscle cell migration, proliferation, and device restenosis.

This is a software system aimed at discovering new bioactive molecules produced from bacteria and other microbes, using metagenomics and metabolomics data. The team is developing computational methods for the analysis of massive data sets to discover novel variants of known antibiotics.


This SaaS product offer diagnostic lab managers a telework software application for flexible staffing, cost savings, and practical remote information management. This lets employees working from home do critical data processing and allows Independent Contractors (ICs) to do this work effectively (think Uber for the diagnostic lab).


MindTrace pairs 3D brain maps with measures of a neurosurgery patient’s behavioral performance to simulate surgical resection plans and predict cognitive outcomes prior to the first incision. This technology can efficiently combine new high-resolution image and neuropsychological data, turning vast amounts of clinical data into actionable information.


NextGenET is developing an endotracheal tube that has special features that are designed to decrease the incidence and cost of ventilator-associated pneumonia by preventing gastric and other fluids from entering the trachea while intubated.


While aggressive tourniquet use has been shown to significantly reduce deaths, timing, speed, and applied force are central issues to their effective use, and self-application is nearly impossible. OLGS is developing a breakthrough in automated tourniquets for warfighters and first responders.


PPT is a data science technology that can provide clear recommendations to patients and providers about which treatments are most likely to be the most successful in individual patients, based on the unique characteristics of their pain syndrome or phenotype. This technology is a machine learning algorithm based on patient-reported outcomes data housed within a large patient registry.


REACH is developing an implantable spinal cord stimulation device with the goal of using it to override aberrant muscle activation. In conjunction with physical therapy and other exercises, this device promises to help during the rehabilitation process to help push recoverable motor function past that which can be achieved with therapy alone.

ResTec Solutions

ResTec Solutions is a medical device startup focused on eliminating Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI) through the use of our technology. Our first product is a disinfection cabinet that uses aerosolizes vaporized peracetic acid (VPA) to deliver room temperature surface sterilization in less than 5 minutes.


Simplina is creating an app to help couples address the root causes of their infertility. Our plans help clients find and solve the root causes of their infertility problems, so they become healthier overall, increase their odds of successful pregnancy and give their child a better foundation for life.


Vanish is a nerve stimulator with biodegradable electrodes for mitigation of chronic neuropathic pain. This biodegradable stimulator is a non-surgical, minimally invasive option that avoids the need for a permanent nerve surgery, while also reducing costs to third-party payers, since the device does not require an operating room or anesthesia to implant.

2020 Cohort

Captis Diagnostics

Captis Diagnostics is a molecular diagnostics company focused on early detection of cancers, personalized cancer medicine, and cancer therapeutic monitoring through a liquid biopsy, leveraging IP extracellular vesicle and circulating tumor cell enrichment technology.


CerebroScope’s mission is to design, build, validate, and market easy-to-use devices for monitoring brain-damaging electrical tsunami’s (called cortical spreading depressions, CSDs) in the neuro-intensive care unit. This device consists of a sensor array that works with off-the-shelf DC-EEG amplifiers.

Duo Oncology

Nanomedicine for incurable cancer. Developing new therapies based on a proprietary tumor-penetrating particle chemistry.


High-performance robotic prostheses and exoskeletons for research, development, rehabilitation, and evaluation. Humotech’s Caplex™ system gives you the freedom to explore, experiment, and innovate with less risk and shorter development time. With Caplex, you test your ideas first, then build.

Nemean Engineering Group

Seizure prediction device

One K²

Small molecule for pain management

Precision Neuroscopics

Precision NeuroScopics is a startup medical device company developing novel high-density systems to non-invasively sense brain signals. Our first product is a standard EEG cap with easy-apply active electrodes, to cut clinical time and costs while recording high-quality EEG signals.