Corporate Guidance

A select group of individuals with vast expertise from concept validation to successful commercialization.

Commercialization Experts are proven executives who have led life science ventures and understand the challenges of startups and early-stage growth.

They provide critical expertise and guidance to enable our portfolio companies to
aggressively navigate to commercialization, acting as an integral resource for the
company’s leadership team.
Michele Migliuolo

Glenn Gershon

John Glicksman

Glenn Watson

Laura Ohlund

Domain Experts are recognized leaders who provide specialized knowledge to achieve specific objectives within the commercialization strategy.

We draw upon an extended network of professionals to bridge critical gaps in
our portfolio companies.
Sarah Fanks

Russell Wyborski

Gina Fleitman

Mike Young

Brian Vardzel

Jan Kerr

Michael Nilo

Paulette Duderstadt

Alethea Wieland

Dan Seitam

Syd Finkelstein

Paul Haber

Olga Pogoda

Keith Callenberg

If you are a professional who would like to contribute a few hours assisting
exciting life science startups, we would like to hear from you.

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